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The End of Chronic Pain


These are persons that have tried the RollerFlex... with amazing results!

"I am diabetic and I use the RollerFlex primarily on my legs and feet. It really improves my circulation, relieves numbness in my legs, and pain in my neck and shoulders."

- Patsy W.

"I was one of the first to use the RollerFlex. I have congestive heart failure, diabetes, and severe swelling in my feet and legs. By using Roller Flex the swelling decreased almost immediately and relieved pain and numbness in my legs and arms."

- Irene P

"I suffer from fibromyalgia. Before the RollerFlex, the aches and pain I felt were excruciating. Just by rolling the RollerFlex over the painful areas, the pain diminished right away. You can actually see the color change on your skin due to the increased blood flow due to increased circulation. In my case pain relief was instantaneous. It was wonderful."

- Paula R.

Larry P. Key,
Nationally Certified Reflexologist
2205-E Grand Avenue,
Panama City, FL 32405