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The End of Chronic Pain



How can the RollerFlex™ Help My Daily Chronic Pains?

This simple yet effective device you see below was invented in response to the growing number of clients I was seeing who were seeking relief from Fibromyalgia Syndrome and related disorders. It quickly became apparent that simply by increasing circulation in these patients, the improved blood supply to the nerves brought significant relief. People with pain in their arms, legs, shoulders, and back, plus those with "restless leg syndrome," reported relief when they began using the Roller-Flex.

Although the pain experienced by my patients seemed to move around, this simple product I had constructed always provided temporary relief; even with myofascial knots and lumps primarily in arms and legs. Excellent results were also realized by diabetics suffering from neuropathy.
Using the "Roller-Flex" is straightforward and uncomplicated. With the "Roller-Flex" in-hand, simply roll it over areas of pain. You will almost immediately experience pain relief with renewed blood flow!! The spines you see in the photo work by touching the reflex points, thus effectively reducing pain. The "Roller-Flex" has no side effects, promotes natural healing without the use of harmful drugs, and is simple and affordable. It fits easily and unobtrusively in your pocket or purse and does not require batteries to operate. Use it anywhere.

I originally designed "Roller-Flex" solely for my personal clients. However, continued requests from chronic pain sufferers around the country to purchase this device moved me to make it available to everyone. Now it gives me great pleasure to be of further service by offering the "Roller-Flex" to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to speak with you personally.

Larry P. Key,
Nationally Certified Reflexologist
2205-E Grand Avenue,
Panama City, FL 32405