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"I ache all over and I can't get up."  
Sound familiar? This type of chronic pain is very real for hundreds of thousands of people. But all too often, they hear, "Take an aspirin and call me in the morning." Or worse: "There's nothing wrong with you. It's all in your head."

Popping a pill won't cure this kind of pain. And it certainly is not "all in your head."
It's Fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic pain felt at specific tender points of the body. 
How do you cope?  You're not alone. Others share your pain. And the good news is: there IS relief available.


Hello, my name is Larry Key, and I am a nationally certified reflexologist. Recently I developed a product that may assist you with relieving some of the pain you may be experiencing.  
This simple yet effective device, called the "Roller-Flex" (patent pending), was invented in response to the growing number of clients I was seeing who were seeking relief from Fibromyalgia Syndrome.  It became quickly apparent that simply by increasing circulation in these patients, the improved  blood supply to the nerves brought significant relief. People with pain in their arms, legs, shoulders, and back, plus those with "restless leg syndrome," reported relief when they began using the Roller-Flex.

Although the pain experienced by my patients seemed to move around, this simple product I had constructed always provided temporary relief; even with myofascial knots and lumps primarily in arms and legs.  Excellent results were also realized by diabetics suffering from neuropathy.

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Larry P. Key

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

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