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Mother Nature’s Immune Booster ...
... Since The Beginning Of Time.

Soon after you were born, even before you had mother's milk, you more than likely had your very first immune booster from colostrum. It is only produced during the first 72 hours after birth. It’s nature's first food.

The Genesis Factor 
from Southern Heritage

Human Colostrum Comprised of immune factors and growth factors, it is designed by nature to protect against disease and other organisms. It conditions the immune system and helps with the ability to heal.


Immune Factors (in human colostrum)

  • Fight viruses, bacteria, fungus, allergens, toxins and parasites.

  • Protect against autoimmune diseases and their symptoms such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and Arthritis

  • Increase protection against Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, AIDS, and Cancer.

Growth Factors (in human colostrum)

  • Help stimulate normal growth, regeneration and accelerate repair of aged or injured muscle, skin, bone, cartilage and nerve tissue.

  • Stimulate the body to burn fat instead of the body’s own muscle tissue.

  • Help build lean muscle.

  • Help balance blood sugar.

  • Help maintain blood glucose levels for better mental acuity.

  • Help increase serotonin levels for brighter moods.

Research has shown that the immune and growth factors contained in bovine colostrum are exactly the same as those found in human colostrum, and they are twice as potent. It is the purest form of nature’s first food. The Genesis Factor has been tested and found to be 10 times stronger than other similar products on the market.

CAUTION: All Colostrum is NOT alike!

Southern Heritage guarantees that each batch of The Genesis Factor is laboratory-tested and certified free of pathogens, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. It is collected within the first six hours – only after newborn calves have received enough for their needs. The Genesis Factor is processed in an USDA licensed processing plant which uses colostrum from grade A certified cows. To assure that the nutrients and growth factors are protected, the colostrum is low-temperature spray dried to retain its potency and efficacy.

Accept NO SUBSTITUTES - insist on the best.

It's Time For The Genesis Factor.

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Genesis Factor 
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